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The importance of Czech culture

One of this website’s goals is to help English-language natives in Prague fully appreciate the Czech culture that surrounds them, while also embracing an international culture that Czechs are only beginning to accept. Research conducted over the course of August 2013 showed that students in the United States and Czech Republic (typically the target audiences for these websites) both have certain expectations for their entertainment reports, and in many cases there are opportunities for overlap.

Most notable in the research was a tendency for United States and Czech Republic students to feel influenced by their entertainment choices. Students in both countries believe that the music they listen to or the movies they watch or books they read influence their outward representations of themselves. One United States student said that music dominated his conversations with his friends; a Czech student talked about loving British bands as much as Czech bands and finding a balance with that love. An idealized website for both of these students can bring them together to inspire discussion and introduce them to more artists in every form – especially Czech artists.

And again, that is a primary focus: the Czech culture is important to the success of this website, especially as more international audiences come to appreciate that culture. The Czechs are proud of the culture they’ve built over the course of the last twenty years, as many of the interviews conducted in the Czech Republic show. There is no need to take that away in favor of international artists (especially global superstars). Instead, let’s introduce a waiting world to Czech culture.


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