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Welcome to Prague Alive!

Welcome to Prague Alive, the English-language entertainment website for everything in Prague. After extensive research, this site was built to best identify all of the most relevant cultural events in Prague for English-speaking visitors and residents. In order to help those residents fully embrace Czech culture in a way their Czech counterparts do, this website was built to cover Czech artists and international artists – major, upcoming and unknown.

This website will feature artists of the week, lists of things to do in Prague, plus explanations of the research to best understand how this website works and why certain features are the way they are. Additionally, this website will also do news updates on artists who are making their way to Prague or who are relevant to the Czech culture in some way. As the research showed, people want opinion pieces and news updates as they explore their entertainment options. This website will do that for a Prague audience.

This website is a project for the Modern Media and Democracy journalism class at Kent State University and through a partnership with Anglo-American University in Prague, as well as the Prague Freedom Foundation. The research for this project was conducted primarily in August 2013, and it included in-depth interviews with students in both the United States and Czech Republic, as well as with professionals in both countries. All questions about the content of this website can be directed to or in the comments section of any part of this website.

Thank you, and enjoy!


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