Prague Alive

Navigating Prague Alive

Now that you’re here, you might be wondering just what all of this stuff is for. Let’s break it down.

First, when you go to, you’re taken to the main homepage. You can find just about everything for the week here: Every new blog post shows up here first. If you’re looking for the absolute newest information, including reviews and news updates, those are right on the front page.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of entertainment, everything is tagged into categories to make navigation easy. The categories are to the right, and they are broken down into art, books, music, movies and poetry. If something fits into more than one category (like maybe a musician doing a book signing), it’s tagged into all of the relevant categories and the “assorted” category. If you aren’t sure, “assorted” should have some answers for you.

Of course, the top of the homepage has a search bar. If all else fails, you can type whatever you’re looking for into the search bar and see what you find. Every article on this site is tagged with as many keywords as possible, so your search should be easy.

If you’re looking for regular features, just scope out the top navigation bar under the header.

  • Things To Do This Week will be updated every Sunday with a full calendar of what’s going on in Prague for the week. If we miss something, leave a comment! If you have an event you want mentioned, send an email or leave a comment. This is a website for the people, so contributions for entertainment options are welcome.
  • Featured Artists will also be updated weekly and will rotate between major musicians, filmmakers, writers and artists. While the focus will primarily be on Czech artists and developing their identities for this audience, other artists will also be written about – especially as they make their way to Prague.

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