Music / Prague

Stop into… Disko Duck

Looking for a unique record-shopping experience while you’re in Prague? No need to look any further than Disko Duck, a speciality record shop located just off of the Charles Bridge on the way to Prague’s Old Town Square. When you’re walking down Karlova, you’ll see a sign for Disko Duck. Not only do you need to turn right into the passageway where the shop’s sign is, but you have to sneak right beside a restaurant to find the inconspicuous shop.

However, once you’re inside, the wealth of interesting records waiting to be purchased is incredible. Disko Duck specializes in dance records, and so the walls are lined with the newest dance releases – mostly by Czech artists. However, there are also sections designated for R&B, hip-hop and classic rock releases. Most of those albums are gently used, with a few new ones sprinkled in. Disko Duck is the ultimate venue for perusing through records. You may not go in knowing exactly what you want, and that’s perfect in this kind of setting.

As an added bonus, Disko Duck’s other specialty is foreign imports, mostly from China and Japan. Many of the classic rock releases are Japanese editions that are hard to find elsewhere. If you’re looking for something unique but not necessarily Czech, Disko Duck is more than able to serve.

Disko Duck is somewhat off the beaten path, but it’s completely worth what you’ll find there.


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